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Goals and Characteristics

v Objective:

1.      To blend the present-age education, cognition theory, and digital technology, and to develop their integrated applications.

2.      To foster talents with international viewpoints of digital learning field

3.      To form a research team across a variety of fields, engaged in the studies on the application of digital technology to learning environments.

4.      To actively strive for the cooperation and communications of research and practice among industries, governments, and academy.

5.      To plan and drive the information education training and the development of professional social lifelong learning.


v Features:

1.      Based on “Internationalization”, digital technology, it is combined with the theory and research of learning and teaching, educational training, training of internationalization-oriented e-learning corporations and talents, to foster talents with international viewpoints of digital learning.

2.      Based on the education and research of digital learning and digital archive, students are fostered to do develop and design teaching material, research, and integrated applications of digital learning, and digital archive.

The focus on courses of industry-academy cooperation makes students be able to join the R&D in e-learning companies, and provides students the learning experiences on digital learning research or practical management.














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